An ISSE SE seminar in cooperation with ESSE Institute took place December 2nd – 3rd under the leadership of George Bebedelis (Director ISSE SE) and Petra von Kalinowski (Deputy Director ESSE Institute, Director ESSE Campus Germany).

It was the fourth SSEHV seminar offered in Israel during the year of 2016. The seminar covered the Teaching Techniques of Silent Sitting / Light Meditation, Quotations and Prayers, Group Singing, and Group Activities.  Important theoretical and practical knowledge was specified and deepened by the facilitators within the subjects Meditation and Music and the practical tools and workshops were focussing on Prayers, Quotations and Group Activities. The seminar ended with the presentation on the nature of Art and Music, and a few songs were shared in different languages.

About forty people, who attended the seminar, left inspired and motivated to continue the SSEHV training.