The Faculty of the ESSE Institute consists of a well-established European ESSE teacher trainer team. All of them are professional educators with more than twenty years of experience in delivering Sathya Sai Education in Human Values.

Director: Marianne Meyer (Denmark)

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1943.

Graduated from Copenhagen Business Academy, and later continued her university studies in Philosophy, Psychology and Pedagogic on BA level. She has several additional diplomas in Adult Education/Training.

Training of adults has been included in her employment through out her professional life. Her engagement in companies and associations has been as Manager, Trainer, Facilitator or Consultant.

Being an ESSE Institute Teacher Trainer since 1987 she has more than 25 years of experience in teaching Human Values.

Deputy Director: Petra von Kalinowski (Germany)

Born 1957 in Germany.

After graduation from High School in 1976 in Baden-Baden and University Studies of Pedagogy in Freiburg, Germany, her focus during teacher training has been value-education.

For several years she worked with youth during the time of apprenticeship.

Since 1995 she has been serving as teacher for primary and secondary classes for children with special needs.

She is active as teacher trainer and mentor for teacher students and served in this field at public schools since 1997.

Since 1987 she has been training teachers in the field of SSEHV.

She is currently the Director of the ESSE Institute Campus, Germany

Master Trainers:
Marianne Meyer (DK), Petra von Kalinkowski (DE), Anita G. M. Friedrich (Austria)

Associated Master Trainers:
George Bebedelis (GR), Vassiliki Stephanides (GR)

Lecturers / Task Referents:
Rainer Benda (DE), Jiri Blazek (CZ), Dr. Tomas Bures (CZ)

The ESSE team has occasionally been reinforced by national teacher-trainers from various European countries.